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The Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund ("PFO") is a closed-end, diversified investment company which invests primarily in preferred stocks. It commenced investment operations in February, 1992 through an initial public offering of common stock. The Fund also uses financial leverage as a strategy to achive its investment objective. At April 3, 2017 there were 12,464,177 common shares outstanding.

PFO concentrates its investments in the financial services sector. Positions will vary from time to time, but normally financial services companies will each account for at least 25% of the Fund's portfolio. Naturally, the Fund will be significantly impacted by developments affecting these types of companies.

The investment objective of the Fund is high current income for holders of its common stock consistent with preservation of capital. What makes the Fund unusual, however, is the use of strategies which are expected to result in the Fund's income increasing as long-term interest rates rise significantly, while being relatively resistant to declines in long-term interest rates.

To learn more about the Fund, click the appropriate buttons above to see performance results, past and current income, and the portfolio overview. Also, a detailed description is available for both the Preferred Income Fund and the Preferred Income Opportunity Fund on "The Basics" page.


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