Dividend History

See the Funds Section 19a-1 letters, if any, located on the Fund’s website under the “Other Publications” section of the Literature & Filings tab for estimates of distribution sources other than income. See the “Tax Information” below for final characterization of the Fund’s distributions for federal income tax purposes.

The dividend history represents dividends that were paid by the Fund and is not a guarantee of the Fund’s future dividend-paying ability. If you participate in the “DRIP” (the Dividend Reinvestment Plan) your income is reinvested in additional common shares. The reinvestment price is determined by one of two scenarios. One, if the common shares are trading at a discount, the DRIP price is the weighted average cost to purchase the common shares from the NYSE or elsewhere. Lastly, if the common shares are trading at a premium, the DRIP price is the determined by taking either the higher of the NAV or approximately 95% of the common share price.

2021 Tax Information
Total Ordinary Dividends 1Tax Exempt Income 2Long Term Capital Gains 3Return of Capital 4
Qualified Dividend Income (QDI) 5Dividends Received Deduction 6Direct U.S. Government Obligations 7Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) 8
2021 Tax Information
Total Ordinary Dividends 1100.0%
Tax Exempt Income 20.0%
Long Term Capital Gains 30.0%
Return of Capital 40.0%
Qualified Dividend Income (QDI) 577.9%
Dividends Received Deduction 636.2%
Direct U.S. Government Obligations 70.0%
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) 80.0%

Ordinary Dividends, Tax-Exempt Income, Long-Term Capital Gains and Return of Capital figures are a percentage of the total distribution.

Final determination of the tax character of distributions paid by the Fund for the current calendar year will be distributed to shareholders in January of the following year.

1Reported on Form 1099-DIV in box 1a; shows the percentage of total distributions designated as ordinary dividends.
2Percentage of the total distribution that is exempt from federal income tax (i.e. municipal securities).
3Reported on Form 1099-DIV in box 2a; shows the percentage of total distributions designated as long-term capital gain distributions.
4Reported on Form 1099-DIV in box 3; portion of distribution that is nontaxable (i.e. return of capital basis).
5Reported on Form 1099-DIV in box 1b; the percentage of total ordinary dividends that may be eligible for the 15% or 5% long-term capital gains rates.
6Percentage of total ordinary dividends that may be eligible for the corporate dividends received deduction.
7Percentage of total ordinary dividends from direct U.S. government obligations.
8Represents the amount of tax-exempt income that is subject to the AMT calculation. Destra Capital Investments does not provide tax advice, and investors should consult their tax advisor for further information.

This information does not represent an offer to sell securities of the funds and it is not soliciting an offer to buy securities of the funds. There can be no assurance that any closed-end fund will achieve its investment objective(s). Past performance does not guarantee future results. The value of any closed-end fund will fluctuate with the value of the underlying securities. The portions of the distributions deemed “Ordinary Income, Tax Exempt Income, Long-Term Capital Gains, Qualified Dividend Income, Dividends Received Deduction, Direct U.S. Gov’t Obligations, Alternative Minimum Tax, and Return of Capital” are not indicative of future distributions and these figures may not be achieved in future years. Historically closed-end funds often trade at a discount to their net asset value. Please click on each fund link for more information regarding the fund.

Investors should consider the investment objectives and policies, risk considerations, charges and expenses of the funds carefully before they invest. For this and more information, please contact a securities representative or Destra Capital Advisors 444 W Lake St, Ste 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60606, 877-855-3434.

The Fund’s shares do not represent a deposit or obligation of, and are not guaranteed or endorsed by, any bank or other insured depository institution, and are not federally insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve Board or any other government agency.